Gert van Santen

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Download the new portfolio here.
You can also check the gallery for a selection of Gert’s work, including some older stuff.


You can order Gert’s work by sending him an e-mail. A selection of Gert’s work can be ordered through PimpYourWall.


Download Art pricelist A (pdf)
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If you want to contact Gert about his work, send him an e-mail

For Gert van Santen, working with oil colours and Indian ink was a logical result of his love for photography and medieval painting. During his teens, he produced around 15 works, varying from black and white pen and ink drawings to bright oil paintings, heavily influenced by surrealism and cubism. As an example, we’ve published “Musician in Paris” from 1978 (below).

Typical of Gert’s art are the vivid colours and the almost 3-D character of his works. Although realistic elements and photographs often form the starting point of his hi-tech paintings, Gert still finds his inspiration in the world of surrealism.

The digital age has given Gert the opportunity to do what he intuitively always wanted since he was a kid: unlimited manipulation of reality. His cameras, his computers and his software have become his paint, his canvas and his brushes.

Gert creates evocative abstractions, based on his own virtual sketches and paintings, and standard photographs. To him, working on these images is an intuitive process of alienation, an ongoing multi-dimensional rorschach test, if you will, where the resulting work is completely disconnected from the original subject, often including repetitive, trance-inducing patterns and deliberately broken symmetry. To the eyes of the spectator only tiny pieces of texture and structure of the original photographs can be retrieved; as findings at an archeological excavation site.

As a writer and translator, Gert is a man of words. The titles for his works are carefuly chosen and add a deeper meaning to them.

It is Gert’s aim to stimulate the imagination of art lovers and buyers, and make them go back to his work time and time again, to find out if there could be something left that they might have missed; a clue, perhaps, or a meaning. A door to another world…

At the moment, Gert has almost 250 works available. A selection of them can be obtained through PimpYourWall. You will find a price list with selected recent works in the side bar on this page. An updated pricelist with new works will soon be downloadable.

If you want to contact Gert about his work, please send him an e-mail.


A new portfolio is waiting for you in PDF format (7 MB). It includes around 150 works, a major part of Gert’s works, including most new ones, plus some background information on technique, tools and themes. Go here to download the Portfolio.
You can also visit the Gallery for a selection of new, as well as older works.

Please keep in mind that watching small 72 dpi pictures on a computer screen is in no way comparible to experiencing a large 300 dpi print on – for example – canvas, placed on a suitable wall.

Ordering Art

If you want to order prints or arrange an exhibition, please send Gert an e-mail. You can also order a selection of Gert’s Art on PimpYourWall. This cool new website is selling wall-art for every wall in the world!


To get an idea of the pricing, check this list (pdf) and this list (pdf).

Future exhibitions to include soundtrack

Gert has almost finished composing a musical score to support his works. Any art gallery that will show his hi-tech paintings, can from now on choose to add an impressive audio component to the exhibition, that will dramatically enhance the experience of the visitor. The music has been composed in association with Wave World, a musical project of which Gert is a founding member. Samples of Tableaux, Music for Art Objects will be uploaded to this page soon. The album will be made available as a CD or DVD, as well as a download.


The first exhibition will be at Fysioflex in Wageningen (NL) from July-September.

There will also be an exhibition at Restaurant Vreemde Streken in Wageningen (NL) in the summer of 2012.